Outer Folding Phones: It's Time to Stop!

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Marques Brownlee

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Folding phones now come in all shapes and sizes and I'm sorry for all the insect facts
Cicada facts: jnanobiotechnology.biomedcentral.com/track/pdf/10.1186/s12951-017-0306-1.pdf
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Phone provided by Royole for review.

Gabriel Rosario
Gabriel Rosario 15 დღის წინ
That makes sense I used to pluck "Dragonflies" and wasps off the still hot grill of my truck when I was little.
Gabriel Rosario
Gabriel Rosario 15 დღის წინ
"Folding phones come in all shapes and sizes, and I'm sorry for all the insect facts...." I'm litteraly reading this while you're going off on a tangent! 😂 😂 😂 🦋
A. M.
A. M. 22 დღის წინ
Not only outer folding but it's time to stop ALL folding phones. It's a dead end. It's pointless, flimsy, unreliable and childish. Rollable is the future. It makes far, far more sense. Plus, rollable screens will not suffer from those problems that plague folding screens.
Timmity3 18 დღის წინ
That is one of the stupidest things I've ever read. Foldables have fewer moving parts, no motor, and more room for a battery than a rollable. Rollables when deployed are literally filled with air. Not like a little bit; most of it is air. If you want to talk flimsy, half of your internal volume being made of *literally* nothing is kind of a problem. We have seen one rollable actually functional. It has a crease. You know what doesn't? Mate X2. A foldable.
Jemerson Canaya
Jemerson Canaya 27 დღის წინ
Cicada wings explanation is when Vsauce and MKBHD collaborated. 😁
noomy 663
noomy 663 28 დღის წინ
If this had been developed a decade ago, what we see daily at home may have changed.
noomy 663
noomy 663 თვის წინ
Once it can be folded into two, they don't need to stick to a certain shape.
Shadxw თვის წინ
ah yes the 3ds phone
Ken Bina
Ken Bina თვის წინ
I'm stoked about the outside folding form factor. While it isn't perfect, I like the flexibility and utility it brings. The Huawei X series is the best example of this imo.
Daniel Moon
Daniel Moon თვის წინ
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Jeremiah Lim
Jeremiah Lim თვის წინ
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Jeremiah Lim
Jeremiah Lim თვის წინ
Chinese rushing to long BSV at under $200 before start of massive rally. BSV is in talks with CEOs of wall street and Asia to invest in Satoshi whitepaper BSV. BSV academy to teach the truth to CEOs...
[][] თვის წინ
honestly, this is the most efficient way of doing a folding phone. Samsung's approach is kinda wasteful with 3 screens when at a time you need at most 2. this formfactor is much efficient as they need much less hardware. but i think the most efficient might be a rollable phone.
Rajin Obayed
Rajin Obayed თვის წინ
Biology classes with MKBHD
Trey Shenzhen
Trey Shenzhen თვის წინ
I work in China and I can tell you directly that this phone has terrible software lag there is a lot of lag, Also the screen and the android version they use makes me feel like I'm using a Samsung Galaxy 8, Seems they cut a lot of costs in the screen pixel graphics. You'll have to try it yourself and feel it out but trust me there's a lot of lag. I've been using the Samsung fold1 and it's the greatest phone I've used for a year haven't had any problems that been mentioned all over GEpost. I like using the Samsung Fold1 soooooo much, when folded you can use 1 hand and your thumb to type, my hand remembered the old Nokia phones that allowed use to type with 1 hand, Samsung fold2 still can but too wide, again 1 year with my Samsung Fold1 absolutely no problems or screen damage 😀
DUCK_ თვის წინ
my pitch ... make screen fexible ONLY in areas where its being bent ... the rest can be hard as regular screen ...
punkfruit თვის წინ
i like the lg wing,..
free grammer
free grammer თვის წინ
You should take their technology seriously. The flex oled really has a durability problem. Royole might be the answer. Even in China, every tech cynical is laughing at them. But time will prove.
free grammer
free grammer თვის წინ
they have different flex display tech other than korean oled. You should really take it more seriously.
David W.
David W. თვის წინ
Outer Folding might not be the best way. Yet, for companies like Huawei and Royaole, Outer Folding is the only way since their technology limits them to Outer Folding. They just can't do inside folding phone due to Limited Technologies.
Ulises Tapia
Ulises Tapia 2 თვის წინ
That hinge would probably fit perfectly with the z fold if it didn't make any creaking sounds
Predz 2 თვის წინ
3:23 wasted opportunity u couldve said "also 2 flex pais in one room, that pretty rare, weird flex PAI but ok"
Alpha Male
Alpha Male 2 თვის წინ
Genuine question, is it possible that the screen for folding phones to be made out of glass? And the part where you fold it is made from plastic? Like partially glass and plastic. If it is possible then it would have much better protection for the screen
Mark Gonzalez
Mark Gonzalez 2 თვის წინ
2 flex pies in the room. weird flex but okay 3:27
Mark Gonzalez
Mark Gonzalez 2 თვის წინ
So know ones going to talk about his floating shoe. 1:36 its blurred
CF542 2 თვის წინ
Alternate formfactors are simply devices looking for an audience. I asked my rep at the carrier store who sells the Galaxy Fold 2 and the Razr fold how many they sell of them...None.
c2g1980 2 თვის წინ
I actually like Huawei's interpretation, the best. I like that the outer display is more of a practical form factor, but I don't like that it's always exposed. The Z Fold 3 will be my next, primary device, tho. I just wish it had more of an 18:9 ratio, when closed.
Robert Harvilla
Robert Harvilla 2 თვის წინ
I liked the nanopillar skin twist, but I was so hoping for a joke about how the hinge is as loud and annoying as a cicada. Loudest most annoying animals ever. LOL
Devlok Avenue
Devlok Avenue 2 თვის წინ
well well well ... marques is starting a biology tech channel now
GuidetteExpert 2 თვის წინ
If it falls, does it break?
Perriey Interleud
Perriey Interleud 2 თვის წინ
Just put in a cotton case
TechE Kenny
TechE Kenny 2 თვის წინ
So we’re not going to talk about the spinning slipper in the background. 🤷🏾
szewei1985 2 თვის წინ
Haha cool
Priyanshu Raj
Priyanshu Raj 2 თვის წინ
Dont know why this phone looks outdated, like a phone from 2015 or before
Lloyd Turner
Lloyd Turner 2 თვის წინ
Is this mkbhd or hoonigan autofocus/build biology?
Fellow Loganger
Fellow Loganger 2 თვის წინ
Bruh looking like the ds when mom finds it under the pillow
Rakesh Pandey
Rakesh Pandey 2 თვის წინ
In my opinion, Samsung's galaxy z fold and z flip are the best designs for foldables.
Rakesh Pandey
Rakesh Pandey 2 თვის წინ
Apple : compares their phones to last year's phones Samsung : compares their phones to other phones Royole : compares their phone to a *cicada*
Ahmed Dewan
Ahmed Dewan 2 თვის წინ
The cyberpunk joke 😂😂
Ronnie Jones
Ronnie Jones 2 თვის წინ
I'm waiting on a rollable phone. There is great potential
24Elliottwaves 2 თვის წინ
Yeah, I will not recommend that one because it looks like two phones put together. LOL.
tabiri ibrahim
tabiri ibrahim 2 თვის წინ
I like your videos. Keep it up
Aqil Curry
Aqil Curry 2 თვის წინ
mrPmj00 2 თვის წინ
I want an iPhone 13 with the Razor's tucked screen!
Root3264 2 თვის წინ
I love the sound of the ocean!
MysticStrike Force
MysticStrike Force 2 თვის წინ
When that I carly episode is coming true where the kid brought a huge phone and got make fun of now look at where we are.
International Media
International Media 2 თვის წინ
Great video. The K dramas have been pumping the Samsung foldable for 2 year now. They look cool on scene but over time I see the bend wearing down. We'll see
EverY Shop
EverY Shop 2 თვის წინ
Technolgy🤔 good luck cheers
Владимир Петров
Владимир Петров 2 თვის წინ
Hey, I think that we have to respect their try to make a better phone. Don't buy the phone, if the cracking sound is problem for you, but don't say of somebody how to spend his time and money.
B s
B s 2 თვის წინ
I like the concept of this phone. Getting double screen size and being able to fold and put it in my pocket.
B s
B s 2 თვის წინ
I wonder why makers didn't consider the point of screen getting scratched outside .
獅子猫又NiffirgkcaJ 2 თვის წინ
The cicada's nanopillar structure on their wings also happen on copper, that's why it's antibacterial.
Azraq 2 თვის წინ
ok mkphd
Roger Skagerström
Roger Skagerström 2 თვის წინ
I don't get it - why don't they just make an inner screen folding phone with two regular screens that go edge to edge when opened up? I think a sharp cornered kind of edge display - perhaps with some prism peice covering the gap, would be better to use and be a lot less fragile than a soft film.
Ahren Scholz
Ahren Scholz 2 თვის წინ
There is no point in having the big screen on the outside , you can only use one side at a time
Tom Corin
Tom Corin 2 თვის წინ
I thing the galaxy fold 2 style has the most promise as a different form factor cause its is much more practical the the other options
Rhyex 2 თვის წინ
Edith Shao
Edith Shao 2 თვის წინ
I think they meant 薄如蝉翼 for the wings lol
Justus Kovanen
Justus Kovanen 2 თვის წინ
Guys, can we talk about the spinning sandal in the background? 1:35 to 1:48 in two shots
Abdullah Al Masud
Abdullah Al Masud 2 თვის წინ
Why a biology teacher reviewing a phone?😄
Shantelly Mariie
Shantelly Mariie 2 თვის წინ
Omg you’re cute 💓
Gacheru Mburu
Gacheru Mburu 2 თვის წინ
Fayadh bari
Fayadh bari 2 თვის წინ
Fayadh bari
Fayadh bari 2 თვის წინ
no but why i will made real all of thing this is chemical for me and everyone teeling lie this is your problem give more video
Fayadh bari
Fayadh bari 2 თვის წინ
if you teeling lie i will made real you know me
Fayadh bari
Fayadh bari 2 თვის წინ
you know me i can see i made real
Amina Zahra
Amina Zahra 3 თვის წინ
1:42- Him: Talking about the phone. Me: Staring at the spinning sandal😂😅🤣
Brayan Enriquez
Brayan Enriquez 3 თვის წინ
3:10 look at how the screen folds holy shit
freake_brixs 3 თვის წინ
Starting to think of it which phone does he use🤔
freendy sinaga
freendy sinaga 3 თვის წინ
naaaahhhhhhh that insect footage. i'm out. youtube videos need insectophobia warnings like the one with Epilepsy Seizures
The Omega Channel
The Omega Channel 3 თვის წინ
Learning Tech and learning about science at the same time it's something I'm down to see more of
Terreos 3 თვის წინ
The galaxy Fold style is my cup of tea. Just the idea of having basically a foldable tablet it awesome. For some it would replace two devices.
Ricardo Angel Santiago
Ricardo Angel Santiago 3 თვის წინ
Weird flex
Tang Kian Siong
Tang Kian Siong 3 თვის წინ
Maybe for some games u can grip it completely and the back side will kind of act like a feedback touch
Peter Gregory Cruzata
Peter Gregory Cruzata 3 თვის წინ
Can I ask? What happens to the unit they send if your not agreeing to their ideas?? 😊😇🥰
Sparky Rih
Sparky Rih 3 თვის წინ
Look at this man flexing! :)
vishnu viswanathan
vishnu viswanathan 3 თვის წინ
It going to be innovation when Apple do that
Default Name
Default Name 3 თვის წინ
MK Biology HD
Joseph Valencia
Joseph Valencia 3 თვის წინ
Can you do a video on the HTC desire 20 pro?
Andrew 3 თვის წინ
"Hey check out my new phone!" *c r u n c h*
Werner Wippenaar
Werner Wippenaar 3 თვის წინ
At the moment form factor is all about being first and selling stuff - but ultimately it will be about application. That's when it will pay off.
ARKA GHOSH 3 თვის წინ
can you open a channel on explaining different topics, because you are really good at it. love your work .
Dave Sargent
Dave Sargent 3 თვის წინ
hinge pieces may be magnetic, pushing smaller bits down folded and when unfolded, magnet may move smaller bits to click back into place. wild thought
Reza 3 თვის წინ
Tech and biology my two favourite things.. Thanks MKBHD
SONU 3 თვის წინ
Can you give me a phone for my study I don't have any phone.
Loshanth 3 თვის წინ
Ps5 pls :(
Pepperidge Cookies
Pepperidge Cookies 3 თვის წინ
Is foldable phone a good product? No, even it is perfectly functional. Foldable phone is like 3D TV. Interesting technology but worse product.
BobaXCookie 3 თვის წინ
Who else never knew phones like this existed?
Ferbz Ride
Ferbz Ride 3 თვის წინ
Outside fold is best
Peter Knutsen
Peter Knutsen 3 თვის წინ
I’m into the Apple approach, which is to wait until the technology is mature and THEN launch it.
zaidy77 3 თვის წინ
But...but...but...what if apple or samsung did it?
Nicholas Cannon
Nicholas Cannon 3 თვის წინ
I like the outie folds because they don't need extra screens and cameras
saeed khan
saeed khan 3 თვის წინ
I am indian sir your all vidio seen
colintx800 3 თვის წინ
6:28 Some Bug Action people.
Mohd Firdaus
Mohd Firdaus 3 თვის წინ
weird flex with that champion shirt tho..
Motorized Droid
Motorized Droid 3 თვის წინ
More bugs in this thing than Cyberpunk ....LMAO
MAK phone
MAK phone 3 თვის წინ
Hey you are the beeeeeest man I love you. I hope 🤞 I could visit you a day
Spastek 3 თვის წინ
Folding on the outside does prevent the issue of debris getting inside the fold and messing up the screen, we just need more durable folding screens. In that sense, this phone is ahead of it's time. I would like to see them keep working on it though, but maybe only as a concept.
Frankie Polyak
Frankie Polyak 3 თვის წინ
That scroll aspect is pretty cool in my opinion
Muaaz 3 თვის წინ
Samsung foldable are the future
Jay Dee
Jay Dee 3 თვის წინ
Nah. You have to review the Mate X. The flex Pi is bottom barrel stuff. This is a goofy take in my opinion.
babypj 3 თვის წინ
The folding trend is really stupid. It makes almost no sense for a phone. Phone should be easily carried around: the double thickness makes it worse than almost every available alternative. You want to watch a bigger screen? Get a tablet. Most of the time you don’t need the big screen unless you live your life at home.
Jay Dee
Jay Dee 3 თვის წინ
Not everything is about you.
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